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Like bulls in a china shop, The Old Smugglers are here to take the stages and rattle the cages while throwing glass shards of hope into your hearts and earholes! The Old Smugglers’ transient circus of shipwrecked fools steals the devil’s words and slings them with undeserved confidence and reckless abandon.

Be it whiskey-bent sea shanties, hillbilly horror country or maritime folk from the lost coast, The Old Smugglers sing tales of decadent misadventure for troubled souls everywhere. Their music smells like an empty bottle of moonshine, feels like a rusty hook against the throat, and looks like a dark alley behind the Shoutier Than Thou Hotel at the corner of Waits and Cave.

The Crew

The Infamous Dr. Thunder photo by Lava Submarine

The Infamous Dr. Thunder

Captain of Multi-Instrumentalism

Caterwauling like a canoe filled with hammers dragged down an alley, wrapped in sheet metal, barbed wire, and houndstooth…emerging from the dark sea.

Photo by Lava Submarine

Mister December photo by Halle

Mister December

Handsome Devil

A handsome heartbreaker with an unhealthy dose of delusions of grandeur while serving up a cup of how do you do. A string breaker, a foot stomper, a throat full of gravel and mouthful of bees… Every time you dream you take a piece of the world with you.

Photo by Halle

Honeypants photo by Halle


Bottom Dweller

Up from the depths of the murkiest seas rises the nethermost tentacles of bottom heavy grooves. Honeypants delivers the spirit up from the silt and to the sky to resuscitate your vital force and cast out the demons.

Photo by Halle

Sick Nick photo by Lava Submarine

Sick Nick

Buskits & Tea Kettles

From out of the salty air an angel, nay, a devil emerges so powerful all the forces of rhythm are at his command. Sick Nick hammers and batters a booming assault to lambaste your wretched soul.

Photo by Lava Submarine

Stowaway Sage photo by Lava Submarine

Stowaway Sage

Reeds & Weeds

Photo by Lava Submarine

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