Fever Dreams & Fire Sweats


Through delays and betrayal, deadlines and double-crossings, the flag of quarantine is lowered and the storm clouds break under pretense of fate. The Old Smugglers find themselves bleary eyed and chummy tongued and unable to reel in their ambition.

Hard Pan to Chaos

Hard Pan to Chaos was recorded in the hull of Shipwrecked Studio with reckless abandon and gritty fortitude. Everything that matters will find you sooner or later and the rest just swallow dirt.


With pounding headaches, our heroes crawl from the shores of Smuggler’s Cove and into the dark and ominous woods that lie just beyond Point of No Return. It is getting late and the temperature is dropping. The screech of an owl and the taunts from the moon was enough to keep them pressing onward.

And When the Madness Passed

Our shipwrecked and inept heroes wash ashore the deserted island known as Smuggler’s Cove. Without a clue or paddle they wander the island in search of food and shelter.

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