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Electronic Press Kit

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Weight of the world got you feeling down? Need to cleanse your spirit? Drink from The Old Smugglers aural elixir and cure the pain and suffering that ails. Let the evangelical sound recharge your vital force and cast out the demons.
Armed with ill-conceived notions of grandeur and makeshift accompaniment, The Old Smugglers transient circus of shipwrecked fools steal the words of the devil and sling them with great fortitude and reckless abandon.
With buckets of gumption and whisky, The Old Smugglers extinguish the fires of mediocrity and complacency to bring forth a new day of undeserved confidence. They are your guides to musical fulfillment. Like a nightingale stuck in your throat and a rusty nail up your backside, The Old Smugglers bottom deal and backslide their way into your heart to save your wretched soul.